There are several options for the Corporate Plans, but in
contrast to the Professional Plans our clients pay their own
click charges directly to the search engines. A monthly
management fee is paid separately to Ad Management
Services based on the amount of keyword phrases in the
campaign and the total monthly spend each month.

The per-click charges can vary monthly or we can manage
an exact budget for the month. Our Corporate Plans are
broken down into spend ranges (like $3,000 to $4,999, etc..),
and the monthly charge for management is based on how
much your actual spend is for the month and the total
number of keyword phrases managed in the campaign.
Additionally, there are ranges for the amount of keyword
phrases in your campaign (like up to 150, up to 300, etc..),
and the monthly management fee changes slightly,
accordingly. The links below illustrate our management
fees and set-up fees, based on spend and keyword
phrase ranges.
"Since you've taken over management of our
AdWords campaign, we have spent half as
much money and doubled our leads."

Business Services
New York City, New York
"The best advertising dollars I've ever spent,
thanks to your company."

Wedding Photographer
Dallas, Texas
"My commissions from your service were
over $50,000 last year."

Real Estate Agent
The Big Island, Hawaii
(For all budgets above $9,999 a month, please contact one of our
courteous representatives by phone or email to receive
an exact, personalized quote for your company)
There are ten Professional Plans for our clients to choose
from, ranging from $299 to $2,999 a month. These are flat
monthly fees that include all search engine, pay-per-click
and management costs. There are no additional or hidden
charges. You do
not pay click charges on these plans and
billing is the same amount every month.
"I'm only spending $399 a month and made
$60,000 in commisions last year
just from the leads generated
at the top of Google."

Real Estate Agent
Phoenix, Arizona
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Ad Management Services offers three types of plans for our
clients; Express, Professional and Corporate. Whether you
are a small business advertising on the search engines for
the first time, or a larger company with a bigger advertising
budget, Ad Management Services has a plan to suit your
company's specific needs and campaign goals.
We have a plan for your company
Professional Plans
Ten flat rate plans to choose from between $299 and $2,999 a
month that include all pay-per-click, search engine and
management charges.
Corporate Plans
If your anticipated budget for sponsored links is over $3,000 a
month, this link lists all of our plans for budgets between
$3,000 and $9,999 a month.
Here's what some of our customers have to say about
Ad Management Services:
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