How does "Ads" Placement work?
What is AdWords and how does it work?
What is Bing/Yahoo! Network/Ads?
How do I know that this advertising is effective?
How does Ad Management Services work?
Google and Bing/Yahoo! have their own pay-per-click
platforms to manage the sponsored search engine results.
We place your site in "Ads", but with Ad Management
Services you will
not have to pay "per-click" charges to the
search engines and you will
not have to manage your
accounts. Ad Management Services does
not charge you
per-click, but offers several monthly, flat-rate plans. The
Express Plans are the easiest and most popular. Our
service is month-to-month, so there is no long term contract.
And, we do everything for you, including using our expertise
to perfect your list of keywords. You can sign up for an
Express Plan now, online, by clicking the link below. We will
be working to keep your site listed high on the 1st page of
search results on all of the major search engines and all you
need to do is pay the recurring monthly total for whatever plan
you choose. It's that easy!

With Ad Management Services, we've brought the top of
search within reach for almost anyone. We do everything
and will work hard to ensure the success of the campaign.
you are successful, we are successful, because you'll
want to stick with us month after month, year after year. Get
now with one of our Express Plans! We can't wait to
work with you and get your site to the top of search!
AdWords is the pay-per-click system that Google uses for
its "Ads" section of its search engine results pages.
Placement in Google's "Ads" is based on bid amount and
the quality score of your campaign. Quality score is based
on your click-through-rate, the relevancy of your landing
page, the history of the keyword and other factors. AdWords
is the most sophisticated of the pay-per-click systems and
requires the most time and attention.
Yahoo! pioneered the pay-per-click industry with Overture in
1997. Since then, Overture became Yahoo! Search
Marketing and was then purchased by Microsoft's Bing
system. At Bing/Yahoo! Ads, the main component to
placement is bid, but the editorial process has become
more stringent and quality of relevancy has become more
of a factor.
Ad Management Services is a professional client manager
for Google and Bing/Yahoo! Ads. Our function is to create,
implement and manage our client's search advertising
campaigns. We have three types of plans; Express,
Professional, and Corporate. The Professional Plans are for
clients with a budget between $299 and $2,999 a month.
The Corporate Plans are for our clients with budgets
between $3,000 and $100,000 or more a month. We also
have Express Plans, which are the 3 most popular plans we
offer and can be ordered completely online anytime. You
no per-click charges with either the Professional Plans
or the Express Plans.

Our management service begins with analyzing your
company's goals and objectives. We then formulate what
your campaign will look like. Our analysts will research and
ensure you have all of the relevant keyword phrases for your
campaign. We then create unique ads (the description that
shows in the "Ads" section of the search results pages) for
each group of keyword phrases, based on their category and
landing page(s). This is all part of the set-up of the
campaigns. Once the campaign has begun, we manage the
bidding process and success of each keyword phrase in
each ad group and category. To manage your account, we
use a unique blend of software and human management to
ensure its profitability and success.
The search engine is the second most used application on
the Internet, next to e-mail. 99% of Internet users utilize
search, most at least once a day, and there are well over 10
billion searches in the U.S. every month. The most used
search engine is Google, with about 85% of the market share
on any given day. In spite of being the most visited website
on the Internet every day, Yahoo! is second in searches
made on their search engine. Bing, AOL and round
off the top 5 most used search engines in the U.S. The top 5
account for over 95% of the total searches performed in the
U.S. The search engine is the portal to the Internet, the way
that we find what we are looking for on the Web.

This exposure means that
being placed on the 1st page
of these search engine results is an extremely powerful
and lucrative place for a website to be.
Most advertisers
find sponsored search engine Ads placement highly
profitable. As part of the campaign, Google and Bing/Yahoo!
offer detailed tracking and reporting options including the
amount of searches, clicks (traffic) for each keyword,
conversion to leads, sales tracking, and the ability to track
cost-per-acquisition and return on investment (ROI).

If your website is placed high enough in the sponsored Ads
search results, the search engines will bring high visibility
and relevant traffic to your website.
This picture shows where your site will appear.
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"But according to a search marketing advertising study carried out in the
United States by  Internet  marketing  software  company  Wordstream,  
the  click-through rate  or  CTR  of  paid   search
 ads  on  Google  now
even  outnumbers  clicks  on “free” organic  search  result  listings  by  
nearly a  
2:1 ratio   for   high-commercial  intent  keyword  searches  
(that  is, people clearly  looking  to  buy  something)."
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