Who is Ad Management Services?
We are a professional sponsored search results ("Ads")
management company. We have hundreds of clients and
work directly with Google, Yahoo!, Bing and all of their
affiliates. We are located near Dana Point, California and
have been in business since November of 2004.
On what search engines will my listings appear?
Google, Yahoo and Bing are the leading search engines
with sponsored results or "Ads" placement. Ask.com and
AOL are affiliated with Google, as well as Netzero,
Netscape, Earthlink and hundreds more. CNN.com and
hundreds of others are affiliated with Yahoo, and Bing is
partnered with MSN, Amazon.com and others. Your
website will appear on these core search engines plus
hundreds of affiliated search engines and sites like Lycos
and Alta Vista. Over 95% of all searches are done on
Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com and AOL. These five search
engines make up the core of the search engines your
listings will appear on, as well as the hundreds of others.
Do you need to make any changes to my website?
No. We do not need to add meta-tags or access your
website for any reason. We may have some ideas for your
company's site to better assist your customers in navigating
your site, but no, we will not need to do anything in order to
place your site in the search engines.
How long will it take until I see my listings on the
search engines?
Most of the time Ad Management Services will have your
account active and live on the search engines within 2
business days. But, occasionally we need up to 5 business
How can you move my website so high in the search
results and so quickly?
Our management team has been involved with sponsored
results "Ads" placement for over a decade. We engage in
no trickery or illegal practices in moving your site up in the
sponsored search results. We have accounts with all of the
major search engines and work directly with them to place
your site in the "Ads" sections. Our expertise enables us to
move your site into the sponsored search "Ads" results
within days.
Is there a contract required or a minimum amount of
time I need to sign up for?
No, our services are all on a month-to-month basis. We
only require that you finish each month after the month has
started, but with 3 days written or verbal notice, you can
cancel at any time for any reason. We are very confident of
our services and believe that they should be performance
based. If our service is working for you, you will naturally
want to retain our services month in and month out.
Most of our clients stay with us because "Ads" placement
is so powerful and works so well!
Is this pay-per-click?
Yes, all sponsored search results placement is charged by
the search engines on a pay-per-click basis.
Ad Management Services offers three types of plans. For
our clients with a budget under $3,000 a month, we charge
a flat monthly fee that includes all pay-per-click and
search engines charges, as well as our monthly
management fee. Our plans start as low as $299 a month
and increase in $100 increments, depending on your needs
and goals. The second type of plans are for our larger
clients with a monthly budget exceeding $3,000. In those
cases, the client pays the pay-per-click charges directly to
the search engines and a monthly management fee
separately to Ad Management Services. Our Express Plans
are the most popular. There are
no per-click charges with
the Express Plans, they are a flat monthly amount.
Do I need to do anything?
No! We want you to do what you do and let us make your
search engine advertising campaign successful without you
having to worry about it. Our job is to create the campaigns,
all of the keyword search phrases, manage the campaigns
and report to you what is happening in those campaigns.
You can be as involved as you would like, or not involved
at all. We know a customer is happy when they do not
contact us very often after the first few months. They are
busy doing what it is that they do.
What if I have a question that wasn't answered here?
Every client is different and has different needs and
inquiries. Please feel free to e-mail or call anytime.
We will do our best to assist you in any way that we can.
Don't be shy, we promise to answer your questions in a
professional manner, with no pressure and NO rude
representatives. We value your interest and strive to help
in any way that we can.
Google accounts for over 85% of the booming web
search market in the U.S., followed by Yahoo.  
Bing/MSN, AOL and Ask.com round out the top 5.  
All together, these top 5 search engines account for
over 95% of all searches in the U.S.  
Usage is Continuing to Surge.
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